Touch Gloves with Bluetooth headset

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TALKERS – smart touch gloves with Bluetooth headset that allow to keep your hands warm and answer calls without taking your smartphone out of your pocket. Two-layer gloves for smartphones TALKERS have a DRESS COTE control panel with buttons of receiving calls and adjusting the volume. Just click the button and put the thumb with a built-in speaker close to your ear, the caller will hear you through the microphone inside DRESS COTE module, at this moment the phone can stay in your pocket or handbag.

Technical Parameters


Standby mode: up to 120 hours
Battery: Li-on 30mA
Bluetooth 4.0 | Output: 0.5 mW
Transmission distance: 10 m
Operating temperature: -10 °С… +50 °С
Fabric: 20% cotton, 14% wool, 60% acrylic, 6% special conductive material